2023 április

Sick boi

Mennyire “real life” íze van a szövegének 🙂 kicsit hosszú az intro…


“Hi Ren thank you for coming in today”“Thanks for seeing me”“Looking at your file here it seems there’s a very apparent interplayWith your emotional state and your physical body.Have you heard of the trauma response?”“Um, I don’t think so”“Basically our bodies can get stuck in a negative feedback loopOur subconscious can repeat patterns from the past which canHave a pretty drastic downstream effect on our biology…Essentially…Your mind is making you sick”Sick boy sick boyBitten by a tick boyLooking for that fix boyAnabolic steroidsStem cell poster boyPass out, white noiseQuick fix, snake oilI’m about to break boyOh, what a shame he’s in pain have another goTake another pill, here, take a couple moreLet see how your doing in another week or soYou’ll be feeling worse when the side effect’ll showDe-realization medical patientLoosing patience with the processWalking hand in hand with satanComplications with the medicationInflammation, dehydration, inhalation aggravationBuilding up a tolerationDrown sucker, drown sucker, drown sucker, drownI’ve been feeling like I’m drowning with my feet upon the groundI’ve been screaming I’ve been shouting I but I never make soundI’ve been looking for a way out but I always seem to drown“Is this all making sense Ren?”“Yeah, I think so”“Good, what I propose we do is try to pinpoint the exact experiencesFrom the past that are keeping you stuckWhat can you tell me about your childhood?”“I can’t really think…”“Its okay if nothing comes up right awayWhat I’d like you to do is take some deep breaths with meIn and out, In and outGood now tell me the first thing that comes to your mind…”I feel like its not me, its the world that’s sickWe’re given everything we need and we commodities itWe consume, we destroy like we’re parasiticScience tells us that its suicide and still we commitIm not sick, we are sick, we are standing on a cliffIn the name of progress we jump off the precipiceI’m not sick I’m the virus, you’re the virus, hypocrite!How can you sit there with that smile onAnd tell me that I’m sick?Sick boy, sick boy, looking for a fix boyPush it down in public quick pose for the pic boyRecord label meetings that commodify your gift boyWhy you so upset?Don’t you wanna be a rich boy?Fuck noIndustry is cut throatI’ve been doing bits by myself swimming back strokeWalking on a tight ropeRapping with a slit throatThe way that we persist is like the ending of a bad jokeAs the people evolveWe’re complacent to assailantsAnd we do what we’re toldCounter intelligence, a sight to beholdRape the earth of all resources and we bleed it for goldWe bleed it for wealth, we bleed it for fameBut when you bleed it can you tell me what the fuck will remain?And I bleed in myselfI bleed in my brainWhile I’m bleeding, I’m the reason‘Cause I’m doing the same